One-of-a-Kind Kaleidoscopes


" Crystal Wysteria"

This gorgeous self-turning scope is an award winner from the Strathmore Reflections Kaleidoscope show in 2005. 

A large Peacock Drusy Crystal enhances the bail, and small Dark Amethyst cabochons embellish the connectors. 

"Odem Eye"

Odem Eye is a study in horizontal grace. 

The length of the case is two inches, and the beautiful deep red Carnelian cabochon is nearly as long. 

The kaleidoscope can be unhooked by sliding the stone setting upwards on the attached snake chain.

"Secret Peepers"

The Eyes have it!

 This 2 inch scope is covered with sets of "peepers" in B&W with key toggles held in place by Black Onyx cabochons. 

The triple rope chain is adorned throughout with B&W glass, Black Onyx & sterling beads.

"Curious Cat"

A 4 inch desk kaleidoscope of enameled copper using the sgraffito technique of scratching through one color (white) to reveal the color below (black). 

After the B&W were fused, the curious cat spun a spiral of transparent red around the tube.


Left: "The Bad Marriage"

Right: "Silver Nudes"

Desk Scopes


"Night Creatures"

A 4 inch scope with a sgraffito design scribed through black enamel, accented with bits of color and acid etched. 

This scope has a 2 mirror system, sterling end caps and a black leather lariat strap which is adjustable and removable.


Self-turning pendant scopes


"Green Dancer"

This scope is 2&3/8" x 3/4" in diameter enameled in a solid bitter green with a black under glaze pencil figure. 

The setting is sterling silver with a hand-made sterling chain which is detachable.

"Blue Hula"

The first enameled case I ever made


" The Lovers"

 True Love's embrace protects the shining Mandala of Life,

Yin & Yang,

Autonomous, yet supporting each other,

The Kaleidoscope.

"Purple Passion"

see description on Commissions page

"Cozy's Cozmic Cluster"

see description on Commissions page

"Three Muses"

I have a "stash" of special obsolete enamels which I use in this color combination because I find it very appealing. 

I call the little yellow figures the "Creative Muse".....creative energy looking for an outlet inside oneself.






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