Other Jewels

This page is about jewels past and present. 

I shall try to post new ones as they come along. The Images are not necessarily actual size.

If a price is shown....($).....the piece is probably available, either through the web-site or in a gallery. Please email for details. 



"La Muerta"

"Volcanic Cuff"

$575.00 @ Van Dyke's

"Nevada Colt"

$2,750.00 @ Van Dyke's







Some silk screened enamels from original drawings



A flirty little face in Grisaille Enamel


"Federation Exile"

Captain Jon Luc Picard escaping from the Starship Enterprise

A Bolo Tie Extreme Adventure

$1,250.00 on  Etsy

"Good Morning Maude"

The Cruella Deville of Golden Retrievers 


"Dos  Rubios"

 $1650.00  on Etsy

"Aunt Betty's Buttons"

A Unique little hook latch bangle style bracelet made with vintage Mother of pearl buttons


Antique bone button, bronze mesh, guitar pic, sterling, raw wool, white heart bead.....Brooch!


"Star Warrior"

Sterling bracelet with Hematite beads, cast sterling stars, vintage Smoky Pearl button, 4-ray Star Diopside.


Marbled Brooch

"Little Angel"

"The Jester"

"Screamin' Jay"

Brooch in sterling and 22K gold with labradorite cat's eye, and 24K gold cloisonne.

price $750.00 @ Van Dyke's

"The Seven Faces of Adam"


Another Marbled Brooch

"Robbie's Mermaid"







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