Personal Notes

Eventually one reaches a point in life when the past is merely reflection...

 and the future is anticipated without diffidence. 

I have always been an artist, and I always will be an artist. 

Creativity is breath to me.....a life force. I wasn't taught how to be creative in schools....although I attended them. Pedantry and pedigrees have never concerned me. I don't intend to suffocate you with grandiose elaborations about my history....lets just say it's been colorful. I have had many talented "mentors" along my journey who served as guideposts for my creative ambitions, and I am thankful for their shared knowledge. 

My medium of choice is vitreous enamel, although I spent many years as a silversmith/jeweler before being introduced to enamel. After that discovery, I merged the two disciplines in various ways to be able to earn my living from selling my work. 

I've been at it for over 40 years. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my's a sampling of my work, but only a small sampling. If you have questions about anything you see here, just email me.



Yin & Yang !

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