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I sort out contradictions.

By    Verbal Syntax.

For me, the art of Haiku poetry is a discipline which turns selected words into a 17 syllable sensory image. An idea in compact syntax....not unlike cloisonné and kaleidoscopes....simple connections,


yet so complex.....

like a summer lawn,

undulating green patterns

in a sea of grass.

Funny, isn't it ?

The fleeting moment passes

Never to return.

Ultra long shadows

Bear witness to day's decline,

Tomorrow whispers.

The Kaleidoscope,

A marriage of Yin & Yang

Tangible, yet thought.

If you enjoy writing poetry, try Haiku to crystallize your thoughts. The first and third lines are 5 syllables each and the middle line is 7. Send them along, I'd love to read them.


A study in green,

I search for 4-leaf clovers

and I have good luck.

Dainty Violets

Appear in many colors

Wearing the same face.

Heave Ho Fiddleheads !

Unfurling your fuzzy fronds

After winter's sleep.

Flame Azalea,

What an appropriate name.

Fire on the mountain.

Quintessential Grace,

A gentle pink unfolding

Of Ladies Slippers.

May apple blossoms

Under big green umbrellas

Hiding from the sun.

Such a sweet perfume 

Drifting on the humid air,

Blessings from Lilacs.

Are they sentient ? 

These succulent fleshy growths

Feeding on decay.

Yellow Daffodils

Bring cheerful expectations

Of sunny, warm days.

Bright purple clusters

Congregating on my lawn

In the church of spring.

If I were a bug,

I'd live in a Hyacinth

For my spring time share.

Have you any doubt

That we live in paradise ?

Just look around you.


copyright property of Joan Bazzel 2016