A circle around a finger

I like to make rings with personality. 

Something to compliment the wearer, signify individuality, elicit a sense of fun! 

Comfort and durability are very important components for the satisfaction of the wearer, so my designs slip onto the finger with ease, and the jewels are set with durability and protection in mind.....intimately.....to draw in the observer, not to larrup with excess! After all, some of us actually use our pockets!   

A gift of love....from oneself to oneself or to a beloved.

 Rings....the symbol of eternity.







"Chi Chi"          &          "Chrome King"

"Honey Boy"            &           "Pariba Prince"


"Lovers"       &       "Topsy Turvy"

Finger Friends



"Skully Valentino"   &  "Calavera"

"El Muerto"

"Pip"       &       "Penelope"

                     "Romanticat"      &     "Sly Cat"    ($495.00)                      

Little Hearts

     "Blue Fan"     &     "Titty Kitty"        


Caroline's Ring   &     Bernie's Ring

"Bunn Bunn 1&2"     &   ($750.00)  "Roberta"

Sharon's Bunny






Other Jewels



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