all the colors of the rainbow!

The kaleidoscopes on this page are production models. 

I can reproduce the style, but each one is unique because of the enameling, and the nature of a hand made object.

Branch Bottom Spring Scopes

wearables 2" x 1/2"

Horizontal Branch Bottoms

Larger Branch Bottoms

2&3/8" wearables, 4" desk models with stand, 6" with integral tripod

Creative Muse Designs

These models are examples of a style I call "Creative Muse" .

They are all unique, but the color scheme is the same

see description on the One-of-a-kind page

Black & White

The most graphic combination of all !

Again....all are unique, but the technique is the same (sgrafitto), and all are B&W.

Flora scopes

I use natural plants as stencils for the patterns on this kaleidoscope case. 

They can be made into any style from wearables to desk scopes.

Silver & Stone

Complimentary semi-precious stones are used as key catches for these wearable scopes.


One of a Kind

Other Jewels


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