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30+ years in the mountains of western North Carolina
The Bazzel Workshop
PO Box 1192
Franklin, NC 28744

My Story

An ongoing saga

I have been an enamelist and metalsmith for decades and know my mediums intimately. For me, craftsmanship is valued as highly as design and my goal is to create pieces that will withstand the test of time. Without pandering to popularity, my work is unusual….mostly one-of-a-kind….I regard it as ART….whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a mixed media sculptural work.

Refusing to participate in most popular social media, I remain somewhat incognito except for pinterest and etsy where some of my creations are offered. Computer time is too consuming, opinions too varied and social media too invasive for my liking, so my website is where I go public.

To earn a living as an artist, one has to make a saleable product, and I did just that for many years….exhibiting, promoting, wholesaling, teaching and the lot. Now I make whatever intrigues me, from guitar hero badges to intricate cloisonne jewels and mixed media-found object assemblages.

The most important and most compromising fact about my life has been our son Zak, who is severely challenged with Autism. His care is a full time experience which I share with my husband, his father, and because we love him we have placed his needs above our own. I have not been able to fully devote myself to my creative impulses for over 35 years, but still manage to make some incredible oddities regardless, and offer it all to you because ART must be shared to be appreciated….no matter how unusual.

The Zakman

“The Alfonzo ring is wonderful and beautifully designed. He is exactly as described, and I couldn’t be more delighted with this purchase. I have had several purchases with this designer over the years and have never been disappointed. My expectations were exceeded with this ring. It’s fantastic!!

An ETSY customer

Love Zak

“Don’t worry, be happy”

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