The Joan Bazzel Workshop


This page will be a sample of WIP….work in process….and a series of short descriptions about the making as it takes place. It’s likely the images will not be edited, until the finished product. Sometimes, I work on several projects during the course of time, so you might see a different one on each post.

Macbeth act 5 scene 1….?

Current Work in Progress

“Abraxas” continued

I’ve decided to continue with the creation of this piece….it’s coming alive out of found and recycled objects


maybe…. Early days….a selection of materials laying around my bench….very interesting possibilities here. The head was made in stages with leftover epoxy clay, and I like it! The “body” is scrap wood with colored aluminum overlay….nice burnt screen for a coat, old pewter buttons for appendages, ribbon, faux fur, what fun!

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